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From feminine florals and pretty embroidery, to patched denim, you don't have to spend a fortune to get the look from the designers. The embroidery trend has brought new meaning and color to our jeans, tops, skirts, dresses, jackets and even shoes. Recently, we have featured garments that have a very distinctive flower embroidery on them like our Floral Embroidery Patch Mini Dresses. The embroidery designs on our site range from simple to dramatic; but regardless this trend has decorated fashion as a new form of art. We simply love this new trend as life is too short for your clothes to be boring. Embroidery is something we all know and love but now the public is embracing it more than ever! After flying under the radar for some time, embroidery has well and truly made a comeback and we couldn't be more thrilled. Applicable to just about anything these days, embroidery has moved from its traditional purpose of mending cloth to becoming an essential part of professional and innovative design. For instance, take a look at our Embroidered Floral Patch Low Top Sneakers, you can pair these with almost everything in your closet.

Embroidery, a beautiful skill that occupied women for centuries is making a quick comeback; we carry very unique pieces such as our famous matching sets that include the Velvet Embroidered Floral Crop Top and Midi Skirt. Spring is just around the corner and it is announcing itself in brightly embroidered colors. Embroidered bags, embroidered shirts, embroidered dresses, embroidered jackets, embroidered leather jackets...embroidered everything…you name it! Some of our best sellers feature the Floral Embroider Denim Jackets, Rose Patch Knit Scoop Neck Bodysuits, Embroidered Rosette Patch Long Sleeve Tops, and our Vegan Suede Embroidered Slip Dresses.

This new trend is guaranteed a fun look for any occasion and the great part about it, is that you get to play with your clothes. Picking out cute and cool patches and embroidery designs allows you to express your personality by decorating your look. Patches and embroidery is a bold statement accessory, and when you add your own style, you can make any piece of clothing very unique!

UrbanOG has you covered, we have some of the most awesome patched clothes, just check out our bomber jackets, assorted tees/tops, and distressed bottoms that are covered in the most exclusive embroidery.  And remember ladies, don't limit your imagination, patches can also be used on accessories such as bags or even shoes.